Clinic Kamieńskiego

Important telephones:


The registration desk is open Monday to Friday 

8:00 - 17:00

We offer our patients the possibility of treatment under our contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ), as well as paid appointments. The main mission of a given outpatient clinic is to provide individual specialist and consultancy services to patients qualified for surgery, after hospital treatment and those referred from other medical institutions for specialist care. In addition, the clinic's mission is to provide specialist supervision in the given speciality, spread health education among patients and keep medical records. The outpatient clinic maintains its own registration and archives. You may access our centre by public transport, the bus terminal is opposite our centre.

Our clinics have:

  • a contract signed with the National Health Fund (NFZ),
  • modern diagnostic facilities,
  • highly qualified, friendly and patient-oriented staff.

The clinic's staff are committed to providing the highest possible level of patient service, in a fast, efficient, courteous and professional manner.

Cardiac Surgery Clinic - National Health Fund (NFZ) and paid appointments:

- dr n. med. Arkadiusz Farmas

- lek. med. Piotr Kołtowski

- prof. dr hab. n. med. Wojciech Kustrzycki

- dr n. med. Paweł Kwinecki

- lek. med. Mariusz Mieczyński

- lek. med. Ireneusz Szwedo

Cardiac Surgery Clinic for children -  National Health Fund (NFZ) and paid appointments:

- dr n med. Girish Sharma

- lek. med. Anna Tomkowiak

Cardiology Clinic for cildren - National Health Fund (NFZ) and paid appointments:

- lek. med. Ewa Lichtor-Sarzyńska

- dr n med. Magdalena Mazurak

Heart Failure Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adults - National Health Fund (NFZ) and paid appointments:

- dr n med. Elżbieta Kukawczyńska

Patients may receive medical advice both during an in-person visit to the clinic and via an online consultation.

Prescription and sick leave can be obtained both during an in-person visit and via an online consultation. In each case, it is up to the doctor to decide whether to prescribe medication or issue a sick leave. Should you be waiting for a long time to be put through to the registration, please use the form on the website:   

Please send us your essential data, including your phone number and a short message stating what the request is about. You will be contacted back by registration staff within 1 working day of receipt of your request.

Cancellation of appointments

If you are unable to attend an appointment or an online consultation, please contact the clinic by phone or email from the website   

Please be advised that failure to contact the patient on the agreed online consultation date will result in its cancellation, after the patient has been attempted to be contacted twice, no less than 5 minutes apart, to provide an online consultation.

Priority service

The following people are entitled to receive priority healthcare services:

  • Honorary Blood Donors and Transplant Donors,
  • war and military disabled and veterans,
  • entitled soldiers and servicemen and injured veterans - with regard to treatment of injuries and diseases acquired during performance of tasks outside the state borders,
  • pregnant women,
  • beneficiaries under the age of 18 diagnosed with severe and irreversible disability or incurable life-threatening disease that occurred in the prenatal period of child's development or during childbirth,
  • anti-communist opposition activists and persons repressed for political reasons,
  • persons with a severe disability certificate,
  • persons deported to forced labour and imprisoned in labour camps by the Third Reich and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Primary health care services in hospitals and specialist services in outpatient health care clinics means that:

  • the provider renders these services as out of the admission order resulting from its waiting list,
  • the provider schedules another date outside the waiting list order,
  • an outpatient specialist care service may not be provided later than within 7 working days from the date of registration,
  • entitled persons receive health care services upon presentation of an appropriate document confirming their entitlement.

The priority in the use of outpatient specialist services is by law not limited to the so-called first appointments only - it covers the entire treatment process of the patient.